Your PHP Version is outdated!

Your PHP Version is outdated and not longer maintained by the PHP project. The Version is end of life. If you are using these releases, you are strongly
urged to upgrade to a current version, as using older versions may expose you to security vulnerabilities and bugs that have been
fixed in more recent versions of PHP.
You are able to check which versions are End of life on the homepage of the PHP Project.
As Eqdkp-Plus is a modern Web Application and uses current technology, future versions will not be tested on unsupported PHP Versions and might
not work on these PHP Versions. Please do not ask in the official EQdkp-Plus Forum for a comparible release.
Please Ask your Hoster or Admin to Upgrade to a recent Version of PHP. If the Hoster refuses to update, you should consider to change Hoster.
Security should be worth the effort of a hoster change.

You need at least PHP 7.0.x running on your server!